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A lot of people don’t know it, but Jason works here full time. In fact, he’s been around since 2004. He tends to stay behind the scenes — prompting Paul to joke that he keeps Jason chained to a desk. In reality, Jason can leave his desk any time he wants — and is given at least two potty breaks per 10-hour shift.

Paul took a liking to Jason about two weeks after they met, when he hired Jason to shoot a location for the HEB grocery chain. As he loaded thousands of dollars worth of photo gear into Jason’s car, it occurred to Paul that he either trusted Jason completely — or was the stupidest person on the planet. Jason got the shot and (perhaps more importantly) returned the equipment. The rest, as they say, is history.

Without a doubt, Jason is the resident geek. He shoots architecture, handles post-production and even develops websites in his spare time.

Paul Schiefer Photography
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