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Paul Schiefer (no, not the guy on Letterman) got interested in photography back in a time called “the 1970s,” when he was attending school in Munich, Germany. After traveling throughout Europe and the US, Paul decided to go to art school in Denver. He paid his dues as an assistant, and soon opened his own studio. Later, Paul managed the in-house photography department at Philips Consumer Electronics — and worked on the agency side with a boutique firm called Lightstream. In 1999, Paul moved to Dallas and once again set up his own shop. And today, it is in that space-aged, hi-tech studio where he works to hone his craft.

You see, Paul is, by admission, a perfectionist. As such, he has a hard time doing “good enough.” That means each of Paul’s clients gets the same attention to detail, regardless of the project.

And speaking of perfection, Paul has even managed to tame the one thing that makes photography happen — light. Because as simple as it sounds, photography is all about lighting. Heck, the word comes from the Greek for “drawing with light.” And while some might view Paul’s fixation on lighting as obsessive, he sees it as a necessity. And maybe a little obsessive.

But Paul’s fortuitous idiosyncrasies (perfectionism, obsessive attention to detail, fundamental mastery of light) don’t stop there. His clients would probably add tenacity to the list — along with the determination to solve even the most challenging of assignments. And so, over time, Paul’s loyal following has come to consistently count on seeing consistently great images.

Paul lives in Las Colinas with his wife Teri, their “King Child” Ryan, their “Princess” Zoe, one really big cat and two really small dogs.

“I’ve always been crazy; it kept me from going insane.”
—Waylon Jennings

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